ACE Gallery Contemporary Art Originals Auction

ACE Gallery Contemporary Art Originals AuctionThreeSixty Asset AdvisorsTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryUnited States12sep11:30 pm


Sep 12, 2023 at 23:30PM PDT (GMT-7)


Los Angeles, CA

Auction Details

This final offering from the famed ACE Gallery features 100’s of Original & Other Unique Works, including mixed media, drawings, photographs, sculptures and other unique and special works.

Artists works included in this sale include: China Adams, Sean Aldrin, David Amico, Natalie Arnoldi, Ford Beckman, Keith Boadwee, Daniele Buetti, Monica Castillo, Chuck Close, Jeff Colson, Mary Corse, The Date Farmers, Guy Dill, Robert Doisneau, Charles Fine, Dan Flavin, Robert Graham, Marcia Hafif, Tim Hawkinson, James Hayward, Roger Herman, George Herms, Matt Hope, Vincent James, Jannis Kounellis, Maria Marshall, John McCracken, John Millei, Issey Miyake, Dennis Oppenheim, Ann & Patrick Poirier, Christopher Rauschenberg, Robert Rauschenberg, Erwin Redl, Muckamuck Restaurant, Klaus Rinke, Ross Rudel, Francis Lisa Ruyter, Pauline Stella Sanchez, Marianna Schmidt, Richard Serra, Santiago Sierra, Vincent Szarek, Chris Taggart, Robert Zoell and more…