Assets Formerly of Akorn #6

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Key Assets Online Auction #6 Featuring Lab Equipment, Facility Support Equipment, Processing & Packaging Equipment Formerly of Akorn Pharmaceuticals! Lab Equipment: Waters Acquity UPLC (16) Waters Alliance HPLC (10) Agilent Technologies 7890A GC (3) Agilent Technologies 7890B GC (3) Shimadzu GC-2010 GC Malvern Spray Particle Size Analyzer Malvern Mastersizer 3000 Particle Rudolph Research DDM 2911 bioMérieux Vitek 2 Compact Benchtop Steris SG-120 Amsco Century, Scientific Gravity Sterilizer Thermo Nicolet iS 10 FTIR Spectrometer Parker Balston Hydrogen Generator Numerous Mettler-Toledo Balances Biosafety Cabinets & Hoods Granite Tables Freezers & Refrigerators Sartorius Water Purification Systems Thousands of HPLC Columns Hundreds of Chart Recorders, Thermometers, Hot Plates, Shakers Packing & Processing Equipment: Cozzoli Filler Aesus 12 Head Filler Kaps All FE-4 Tightener Kaps-All capper, Model A6 CAM Cartoner Assorted Stainless Steel Tanks Video Jet Printers (6) DL/ Tech Labeling Machines IMA DPV15 Automatic Case Packer Optel Sterilization Stations Facility Support Equipment & More: Fulton Vertical multi port steam boiler Model MP80 Crown Forklifts & Pickers Hundreds of Pumps & Motors Tool Boxes, Parts Cribs, Carts, Ladders & Racks ASI Automatic Doors & Lockers




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