Bread Art Bayport Bakery Auction: Premium Equipment Sale

Bread Art Bayport Bakery Auction: Premium Equipment SaleGrafe AuctionCountryUnited States16jan11:00 pm

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2024-01-16 23:00:00 at 0.5416666667 CST


110 3rd St N Bayport, MN 55003, United States

Auction Details

Seize a unique opportunity to acquire premium bakery equipment from the renowned Bread Art in Bayport, now available through an exclusive online auction. After 18 years of crafting delectable creations and marking special moments—including our Chief Marketing and Technology Officer’s wedding in 2019—Bread Art has closed its doors. This auction represents more than just a chance to own high-quality bakery tools; it’s a piece of local history, lovingly fostered by Heather and Chris, who have turned customers into friends and moments into memories. Each item in the auction car…




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Phone: (800) 328-5920