Food and Paper Supply Co. Equipment Auction

Food and Paper Supply Co. Equipment AuctionGrafe AuctionCountryUnited States17jan11:00 pm

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2024-01-17 23:00:00 at 0.4166666667 CST


7247 S South Chicago Ave Chicago, IL 60619, United States

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Attention to those in search of exceptional deals on large walk-ins and extensive pallet racking: Food and Paper Supply Co., a distinguished name in foodservice and product distribution, is hosting a not-to-be-missed auction of its premium assets. This sale is a standout opportunity, especially for those awaiting the availability of large walk-ins equipped with individual air-cooled compressors and a vast array of pallet and warehouse racking solutions. Additionally, the auction features an impressive selection of refrigerated cases, store shelving, forklifts, and a wide range of material hand…




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Phone: (800) 328-5920