Uzor Windows & Doors Inc. Auction

Uzor Windows & Doors Inc. AuctionInfinity Asset SolutionsTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryCanada17aug11:00 am


Aug 17, 2023 at 11:00AM EDT (GMT-4)


1701 Shepherd St E, Windsor, ON N8Y 4Y5

Auction Details



PVC Production Line

1999 URBAN PVC Production Line to Include: URBAN AKS6105/4-25/16 4-Point Vinyl Welder, s/n 619439, Automatic Offload, Precision Servo Motor Drive & Control, FERRO VF1W1 Programmable Computer Control, Automatic Welding Parameter Adjust, URBAN TBA26/43 Conveyor System, s/n 821, URBAN TBA26/35-H Conveyor System, s/n 818, URBAN SV800/2.5M 4-Head CNC Weld Seam Cleaner, s/n 80075/1, 80075/2, Automatic Profile Identification, Multi Line Feed Through Cleaner, 18 Full Programmable Axis, Horizontal & Vertical Scarfing Knives (Top & Bottom), FERRO VF1W1 Programmable Computer Control, URBAN TBA26/35H Conveyor System, s/n 817, URBAN TBA26/35-TE-9M Conveyor System, Safety Fencing


Vinyl Welders & Corner Cleaners

2000 URBAN AKS 6105/4-35/25 4-Point Vinyl Corner Welder, s/n 610088

SAMPSON SW6000 4-Point Vinyl Corner Welder, s/n 99140

PRO-LINE PRO-WELD SH10 Single Point Vinyl Welder, s/n 87538

2005 STURTZ SMI-CNC-2K-30-F 2-Head CNC Vinyl Corner Cleaner, s/n 40055

APB CNC2000 Corner Cleaner, s/n 98515


Glass Washing Line

2016 RADOVANOVIC EXG-R 35/25, WS-R20 Glass Washing Line, s/n 120-162901



PRO-LINE GS225 Horizontal V-Notch Glazing Bead Saw, 1HP, s/n 89825 w/ MTI Feeder and Roller Conveyor

APB Pistorius MN200 Double Miter Saw, s/n 20000306 w/ Approx. 10’ Infeed & Outfeed Roller Conveyors

PROTOMACH PRODS/E Double Miter V-Notch Saw, PLC Control, s/n 3200

WEGOMA SD16S Double Miter Saw

Heavy Duty Dual Miter Saw

SAWSTOP 10” Professional Stationary Cabinet Saw, Model PCS31230, 3HP, 4,000 RPM, s/n P212536371 w/ CRAFTEX Feeder

DELTA Unisaw 10” Tilting Arbor Saw, Cat. No. 34-457, s/n 94K13367 w/ DELTA Unifence Saw Guide

RIDGID TS3650 10” Cast Iron Table Saw

CRAFTSMAN 10” Radial Arm Saw, Model 27366, 6.5/13.0 Amp

FEMI 782 XL Portable Metal Cutting Bandsaw

DEWALT DW716 12” Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw, 3,600 RPM, s/n 987494 w/ Approx. 10’ Infeed & Outfeed Roller Conveyors

DEWALT DWS715 12” Compound Miter Saw, 4,000 RPM, s/n 144683 w/ Approx. 10’ Infeed & Outfeed Tables

DEWALT DWS780 12” Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 3,800 RPM, s/n 157159 w/ Approx. 10’ Infeed & Outfeed Tables

DEWALT DWS713 10” Compound Miter Saw, s/n 131503 w/ Approx. 10’ Infeed & Outfeed Tables


Door Machinery




RUVO AUTOMATIC CORPORATION 9715-W Door Lite Cut-Out Machine, 2HP, 3,450 RPM, s/n I225

NORFIELD MFG. CO. 4200 Door Loading Machine, s/n LM4264

TILMASTER ASSEMBLY MASTER Time Fold Series Door Assembly Station, Approx. 32” x 90” per Section

2020 HAFFNER KT 804/10 Sash Assembly Table, s/n 8043020011


Production Support Equipment

WITTE WL-3M PVC Bending Machine, s/n WNA-00605

PRO-LINE MM14 Profiler, 15HP, s/n 89302

PRO-LINE MM14 Profiler, 15HP, s/n 89303

PRO-LINE Profile Punch, Casement Fixed Frame Weeps, Bottom Only

PRO-LINE Profile Punch, Low Profile Frame Weeps, Bottom Only

PRO-LINE Profile Punch, Casement Sash Weeps, Bottom Only

PRO-LINE Profile Punch, Single Hung Frame Balance Location & Vent Latch Location (SS)

PRO-LINE Profile Punch, Single Hung & Single Slider Frame Weeps, Bottoms Only

PRO-LINE Custom Profile Punch Stand

PRO-LINE Profile Punch, Lift Rail Cutbacks, Weep Pivot Bar Holes, Weeps Hung, Vent Latches, Stiles, Pivot Bar Holes, Stiles

PRO-LINE Profile Punch, Sliders, Pull Rail Cutbacks, Common Sash Bottom Only Weep Roller Cutout, Weep Holes

PRO-LINE TL200 Machine, s/n 89357

Custom Profiler / End Mill 101, s/n 001

APB Overhead Router / Profiler, s/n 6603

2006 HAFFNER AS261SE1-SA Hydraulic Screw Insert Machine, s/n 1647 w/ Infeed & Outfeed Roller Conveyor

Profile Punch, DH56-20 JAMB

Custom Profile Punch Stand

Assembly Station w/ DEWALT DWE625 ½” Plunge Router, s/n 2102, DEWALT DW625 3HP Electronic Plunge Router, s/n 000418, FREUD FT2000E ½” Router

Approx. 10’ X 24” Assembly Table w/ DEWALT DW625 3HP Electronic Plunge Router, 8,000 – 20,000 RPM, s/n 004716


Forklifts & Rolling Stock

YALE GLC080VXNGS Propane Forklift, 7,350lb Cap., 185.6” Max Lift, 3-Stage Mast, Side Shift, Cushion Tires, s/n E818V02438F

CLARK GCS-22MC Propane Forklift, 3,980lb Cap., 188” Max Lift, 3-Stage Mast, Cushion Tires, s/n G138MC-0686-5519FA

GENIE CWP-15S Electric Platform Lift, s/n 0196-288, PIN CWP1135411016, 300lb Max Load, 15’ Max Height

2008 INTERNATIONAL NAVISTAR PROSTAR 6X4 Truck, VIN# 2HSCTAPR39C126588, Day Cab, Approx. 336,408kms

2001 MANAC 30’ Enclosed Trailer, VIN# 2M592091417080790, Powered Lift Gate

MANAC 30’ Enclosed Trailer, VIN# N/A, Powered Lift Gate


Plant Support Equipment

LANTECH Lan-wrapper Automatic Pallet Wrapper, s/n V-1290

Automatic Shrink-Wrapping Machine, Turntable Type

NILFISK-ADVANCE CONVERTAMATIC 20B Floor Cleaner, s/n 1097427

ALLIANT Vertical Milling Machine, ACU-RITE III 2-Axis DRO

2017 CRAFTEX CX414 Single Bag Portable Dust Collector, 1.2HP, 650 CFM, s/n 0021

CRAFTEX CT118 2-Bag Dust Collector, 3HP, 3,450 RPM

CRAFTEX CT118 2-Bag Dust Collector, 3HP, 3,450 RPM

POWER FIST ZJ4116Q 10” Bench-Top Drill Press, 300 – 2,900 RPM, 5/8” Chuck, 2-3/8” Spindle Stroke, s/n 201030046 w/ Metal Stand

ITC 80-01056 (RDM80F) 16-Speed Floor Model Drill Press, 5/8” Cap., s/n RI-960489

JET Bench Grinder w/ Pedestal

CRAFTEX 6” Bench Grinder w/ Pedestal

DELTA 112.5KVA Dry-Type Transformer, 600V Primary, 380Y/219V Secondary