december, 2019

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The Branford Group


173 Roger St. , Waterloo, ON N2J 1B1 Canada


2019-12-05 10:00:00 EST (GMT-05:00)

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SMT Line #1:
2008 Speedline Accela Screen Printer
Fuji 4M Base w/ (3) 2010 NXT M3II and (1) 2008 NXT M3II Placement Systems – 18,285 Hours
Fuji 4M Base w/ (2) 2008 NXT M3II, (1) 2008 NXT M6II Placement Systems – 37,011 Hours
Fuji 4M Base w/ (1) 2011 NXT M6II Placement System w/ Tray Loader (Model TU10A) – 7,998 Hours
(5) Fuji NXT Spare Placement Heads: (3) H04, (1) H01, (1) H12HS
2010 Vitronics Soltec XPM3 Oven (Dual Lane)
Simplimatic Z142 Loader/Unloader
Asys VL03 Loader/Unloader
(6) Asys Conveyors – Various Sizes
(2) 2012 JOT Conveyors
Nordson Inverter
Fuji Feeders:
NXT UF07200 Rotary Dip Flux Module
(4) 4mm (Model: KT4BE)
(143) 8mm (Models: KT08C, KT08B; KT8BC; KT8BL)
(15) 12mm (Models: KT12C; KT12L)
(11) 16mm (Models: KT16C; KT16L)
(5) 24mm (Models: KT24C; KT24A; KT24L)
(2) 32mm (Model: KT32C)
(2) 44mm (Models: KT44C; KT44L)
JOT Testers:
(4) 2012 Jot J401-11.7/1 Test Handlers
2012 Jot J002-872.1/0 Scanner
2012 Jot J002-873.1/0 Board Marker
2012 Jot J214-51.5 FIFO Buffer
SMT Support Equipment:
2006 Cencorp 1000 BR Router
2016 Nordson MARCH AP1000 Plasma Cleaner
2013 Aqueous Technologies CLR Stencil Washer
CAB Maestro 3 Board Cutter
Fuji Nozzle Cleaner
Inovate Storage Cabinet
Optics/Lab Equipment:
Cascade MPS 150 Micro etch
TPT HB10 Wire Bonder w/ Leica 56 Microscope
BYK Haze-Gard I Haze Meter
Keyence MD-F3100C 3-Axis Fiber Laser Marker (New In Box)
2014 Hans YLA-F20 Laser Marking System
LPKF Protomat H100 Milling / Drilling Machine
2016 Magnet System MARCH AP1000 Magnetiser / Leak Tester
Fisher Scientific XRF
Leica 56D w/ (2) Toptica Photonics DLC Pro
Vision Lynx Stereo Zoom Microscope
(10+) Microscopes: Leica, Olympus
Temperature Humidity Test Chamber
Weiss WKL Test Chamber
Support Equipment Including: Test & Measurement Equipment, Solder Stations, Work Benches, Metro Racks, and Much More!

Auction Inspection

Wednesday, December 4th from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (EST)

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