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19feb2:00 pm5893 Celtic Pure AuctionCeltic Pure Auction2:00 pm GMT (GMT+00:00) Auctioneer: The Branford Group Type:Timed Online Auction

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Celtic Pure Auction

Timed Online Auction


The Branford Group


Corcreagh, Shercock Road, Co. Monaghan Ireland


2020-02-19 14:00:00 GMT (GMT+00:00)

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Bottling Lines
2015, Krones 250ml to 2L Bottling Line, 18,000 Bottles Per Hour
Kosme Octabin Overturner Revopack II.
Krones S/Steel Contifed Machine: PREFORMZUFUHRUNG1
Krones S/Steel Contifed Machine: PREFORMZUFUHRUNG1
Krones Contiform Bloc, Blow / Moulder, 18,000 Bottles Per Hour, Eight Cavity, Bottle Size: 250ml, 330ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1.5L, 2L
10 x Various Sets of Moulds. (Inc 5 x Non Branded Sets).
Krones Modufill Filler, 18,000 Bottles per Hour, 32 Head Filler, Bottle Size – 250ml, 330ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1.5L, 2L., Sports Cap and Flat Cap, 29mm to 25mm
Gassner Upfeed Conveyor System, Type: SV-KU Flat Cap Bericap, H: 13.20mm D: 32.65mm.
Gassner Upfeed Conveyor System for Sport Cap., Type: SV-KU Sport Cap Thumb Up, H: 30.70mm D: 31.80mm
Gassner Upfeed Conveyor System Type: Sport Cap 28mm, Procap Thumb Up.
29/25 Pro Spring, Zeichnungsnr: X-Z00-16-2228, Hi25.8mm D 31.65mm. Designed For Max: 19,800 Per Hour.
7 x, Gassner Super – Truck Boxes.
Krones Varioclean, CIP-ANLAGE-2, Equipment: KB80661, Voltage: 400/230V.
Krones Contiroll Labeller Twin Reel / Fed Automatic Splicer, 18,000 Bottles Per Hour, 20% Overspeed, 12 Head
2011, Siapi 2 Litre + 5 Litre Bottling Line, 2,200 Bottles Per Hour.
Genius Elevated Lifter / Loader, No: 0211058.
Siapi Air Recovery Assembly Unit, Type: RA0270/11.
Siapi Blow Moulding Machine, 2,200 Bottles Per Hour, 2 Litre and 5 Litre, Model EAZ
AVE Della Toffola, 12 Head Filler, Arol Capper, 3000 Bottles Per Hour.
Packlab Mobile Labeller, Model: TEST ATA AUTO ADESIVA.
Gernep Rollfed 5-640-5D Labeller with Robatech Adhesive Melter, Type: Concept A5/2.
Giemmie Conveyor Operated Shrink Wrap Tunnel, Model: Vega 3; 32 Cyles Per Hour.
2015, R.Bardi 5 Gallon Bottling Line, Type: Victoria 5G, 300 Bottles Per Hour.
& ;
Packaging & Processing Equipment
2010, Ocme Overwrapping / Packaging Machine, Type: Vega X30.
2016, Greencastle Technology UV Filtration System, Model: CF123OHH-313-3" TC.
(2) 2013 Xylem UV Filtration Systems, Xylem Reactor, Model: Spektron 15.
2018, Xylem UV Filtration Reactor, Model: Spektron 50E Fan
UV Filtration System, 4 x 2016 / 2017 Greencastle Technology S/Steel Housing Units, Model: BF0102VB-316-2" BSP
S/Steel Flow Plate Exchange Unit, 3m Wide, 3" Fittings
2 x S/Steel Flow Plate Exchange Units, 1.3m Wide, 3" Fittings
Air Compressors & Chillers
2018 Kaeser Air Screw Compressor, Model: DSD240
2018 Kaeser Air Screw Compressor, Model: CSD105T SFC
2013 Kaeser Air Screw Compressor, Model: CSD85
2018 Kaeser Air Compressor, Model: Booster DN22C
2018 Kaeser Air Compressor, Model: Booster 22C
2012 Kaeser Air Compressor, Model: Booster.
2017 Kaeser Air Dryer, Model: THP 354-45.
2011 Kaeser Air Dryer, Model: THP 85-45.
2015 Kaeser Air Dryer, Model: TD 61.
2017 Kaeser Filtration System, Model: CF38.
2017 & 2015 Hitema Water Chillers Model: ENR.075 / PH.RV.ATV
2008 CTA Water Chiller. Model: 201, Type: HPE.
2008 AF Compressor, Large Air Compressor System. FAB No: AFD9321, PS Pressure: 45 Bar
2018 Aermec Glycol Chilling System, Model: 838010326, Tank Capacity 2500L, Fan Chilling Unit, Model: NRB1800Z
Vessels & Silos
Numerous Pentair Pressure Vessels, Composite with PE Inner Shell, Various Sizes, as late as 2018
2018, Cochran Lpg Wee Chieftain Boiler
Alfa-Laval S/Steel Tank, 50,000 Litres, Type: TVS1.
(2) Alfa-Laval S/Steel Silos , 100,000 Litres
S/Steel Silo, Approx 80,000 Litres.
Bailie Engineering S/Steel Silo, Model: Silo, Capacity 15,000 Gallons
Bailie Engineering S/Steel Silo, Model: CR-Tank, Capacity 10,000 Gallons
S/Steel Flow Plate Exchange Unit, 1.9m Wide, 6 x Pneumatic Units.
Lab & Plant Support
2019, Presto Hot Wire Bottle Cutter.
Eutech PC700 Conductivity Meter.
Thermo Scientific PH Titrator, Orion Star T910.
2016, Hach Large DR3900
2015 & 2016, Robopac Pallet Wrapper, Model: Rotoplat 508PDS
2011, Micra Trailer Single Axle, Plate ID: DG4277, 8.1 Metres Long.

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