february, 2020

20feb11:00 am6118 Major European Multilayer PCB Producer Complete Closure AuctionMajor European Multilayer PCB Producer Complete Closure Auction11:00 am CET (GMT+01:00) Auctioneer: The Branford Group Type:Timed Online AuctionCatalog:Yes

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Major European Multilayer PCB Producer Complete Closure Auction

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The Branford Group




2020-02-20 11:00:00 CET (GMT+01:00)

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Drilling Department
2011 Schmoll X-Ray A-XRC 160S X-Ray CNC Drill Optimizer
2009 & 2007 Schmoll A-MX2-160S 160k CNC Drilling Machines
2002 Schmoll A-Sytem 1 Twin Spindle Drill 80k
Glenbrook RTX-113 X-Ray
Photo-Dry Film-LDI
2009 Orbotech Paragon 8800i 8Watt LDI
2011 Mach 630UP Cut-Sheet Laminator & Pre Heater
Teknek & Print Process Tacky Roller/Panel Cleaners
Dachuan LED 10kw Exposure Printer
2011 Pal Galvanic Copper-Tin Automated Electroplating Line
2008 Schmid Black Hole Line
2014 UCE Strip-Etch-Strip Line
IS Jet Pumice
Probimer-Burkle LPI Curtain Coating Line
2015 Votsch Walk-In Oven
IS Devmaster LPI Developer
Dachuan LED Curing Oven
ORC 7kw Exposure Printer
Print Process AEX-11-9 In-Line Exposure Printer
IS Two-Brush Scrubber
Hot Air Levelling
2011 Penta 550 Pb Free HASL
2010 Penta 550 Tn/Pb HASL
Penta HFL 650 Fluxer
Penta Reflow
Hollmuller HASL Pre & Post Cleaning Lines
ENIG & Wet Process
Occleppo Chem Clean Line
Hollmuller Chem Clean Line
ENIG line
Uyemura Starline Dash 3 Dosing Control
(6) Hydra Semi-Auto Screen Printers
RTC Radiant Oven
Beltron Vacuum Exposure
(2) Votsch Two-Door Walk-In Ovens
Testing-AOI-Quality Control
Orbotech Discovery AOI
2017 Profitech Opticheck 3D Video CMM
2007 & 2006 Mania Ultima 8 Flying Probe Testers
2011 Gardien Loc8 Light Flying Probe Tester
Mania Grid Tester
Panel Video Inspection System
Fischer Cu Plating Thickness Guage
Sequid Tester Impedance
Numerous Microscopes & QC Inspection Guages
2010 Schmoll LM 2 80S CNC Router
2015 Schmoll MX1-125 CNC Router
2011 Schmoll LM-5 80S CNC Router
2007 Schmoll LRM Series 4-60S CNC Router
2002 Schmoll A System 1Twin CNC Router
1999 Schmoll XL-5 24R CNC Router
2011 HML RM 652 CNC Scoring Machine
IS Comprex Board Washer w/accumulator & Stacker
DMF Laminate Shear
Print Process Pinning Machine
(4) HML Multilayer Platen Presses
Multiline PE Punch
Technics Plasma Etch, 3 Gas
IS Pummice
UCE Etcher
IS Developer
Hollmuller Chemical Tin Line
2011 Occleppo Black Oxide
Artwork Generation
Mania Silverwriter Plotter
Agfa Film Processor
Hela Diazo Developer
(2) Vacuum Exposure Tables
Waste Treatment & Water Systems
(3) New Filter Presses (unused)
Waste Treatment (2) Filter Presses
Board Automation-Handling
Numerous Loaders, Unloaders, Accumulators by:
Hongzhao, Waxco, Jirafro, NuBall, Schmid,
Facility Support
Chemical & Cross Section Labs
Polishers/Cross Section Lab, Keyence Scope
Numerous Ovens
Air Compressors

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