september, 2020

16sep11:00 am7311 1600 Ton per Day DEINK PLANT with (2) 800 TPD Lines Auction1600 Ton per Day DEINK PLANT with (2) 800 TPD Lines Auction11:00 am EST (GMT-05:00) Auctioneer: Infinity Asset Solutions Type:Timed Online AuctionCatalog:Yes

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1600 Ton per Day DEINK PLANT with (2) 800 TPD Lines Auction

Timed Online Auction


Infinity Asset Solutions


Coosa Pines, AL


2020-09-16 11:00:00 EST (GMT-05:00)

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(2) ANDRITZ Fiber Flow 400 Stainless Steel Drum Pulpers & VOITH Deink Cells, VOITH Cleaning & Screening Equipment

(2) ANDRITZ Stainless Steel Fiberflow 400 Drum Pulpers

(10) VOITH BIRD High Density Cleaner

(2) VOITH Meri Sedimator Sand Separator

(2) VOITH MSM 08/08-LRR Primary Course Pressure Screen, Stainless Steel Housing, 0.55" (1.397mm) Slots, 12% O.A, 573 RPM, 200HP, 1,200 RPM, 5010UZ Frame

(3) VOITH Multisorter MSM 05/05-LRR Secondary Course Pressure Screen, Stainless Steel Housing, 0.055" Slots, 12% O.A, 1,800 RPM, 365T Frame

BLACK CLAWSON Diabolo III, Stainless Steel Housing, 486 RPM

VOITH ECC8/44 Deink Cells, Two Lines with 800 Tons of Accepts Per Day

(4) VOITH EZ-900 Foam Breaker, 60.7 TPD at 0.08% Consistency, with Stainless Steel Tank

(8) VOITH MSS 15/15-FR Pressure Screen, Stainless Steel Housing, 0.0006" Slots, 204 RPM, 0.7% Consistency, 273.9 TPD, with Toshiba A/C Motor, 250HP, 720 RPM

(2) VOITH MSS 08/08-FR Pressure Screen, Stainless Steel Housing, 0.006" (0.15mm) Slots, 370 RPM, 55 TPD at 0.51% Consistency, with Toshiba A/C Motor, 100HP, 1,800 RPM, 405T Frame

(2) AES 5600S 12A2 12-Bank Canister Filter, 4,896 Sq/In Filtration, 1,285 – 1,750 GPM, Max 285 PSI, Stainless Steel

(2) SULZER MCE43-6 10x6x20 Pump, 900 ADSTD at 8% Consistency, with 5'x20' Diameter Stand Pipes, with Toshiba A/C Motor, 200HP, 1,200 RPM, 5010US Frame

(2) KVAERNER DF-520X27/30 Disc Filter, 17.056" (5.198669 M) Diameter Discs, 925 ADSTPD

(3) THUNE/KVAERNER Hymac SP-100 SL Screw Press, 8% Feed, 30% Discharge, 1,700 ADSTPD, with Toshiba A/C Motor, 400HP, 460V, 1,785 RPM, 450 AMP, 5010US Frame

(2) POSEIDON PPM-2400 DAF Clarifier, with 8×6 403PF Possei Pump, 1,500 GPM, 150 Ft/hd

(75) FISHER V-150 Series B Vee-Ball Valves, Stainless Steel Body/Ball/Shaft/Seat, PDTO/PDTC

(40) SULZER APT, NPP, Mostly in A890 Stainless Steel, 200 – 20,000 GPM

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