december, 2020

7529 Cynosure Cosmetic Lasers AuctionCynosure Cosmetic Lasers AuctionYear Around Event (2020) EST (GMT-05:00) Auctioneer: TCL Asset Group Type:For Sale/Private Treaty

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Cynosure Cosmetic Lasers Auction

For Sale/Private Treaty


TCL Asset Group


56 Pennsylvania Ave., Unit 13, Concord, Ontario, Canada


2020-12-31 12:00:00 EST (GMT-05:00)

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TCL Asset Group is offering for sale skin treatment equipment by Cynosure.

Assets Include:

Picosecond Aesthetic Workstation model Picosure 2018 s/n. PICO1605

Removes tattoos, wrinkles, and provides acne scar treatment

Sustain minimal thermal damage thanks to picosecond pulse

Wave lengths- 532nm, 755nm, 1064nm

Non-Invasive Body Contouring Platform model Sculpsure 2017 s/n. SCLP1956H

Minimal absorption into the skin, leaving the surface unharmed

Even heat distribution providing natural looking results 

 SOLD-Cynosure Aesthetic Workstation model Medlite C6 2017 s/n. MC6-5355

Removes tattoos, wrinkles, and reduces acne scars.

Uses a beam that transfers energy evenly on the skin.

SOLD-Cynosure Skin Cooling System model Zimmer Cryo 6 2017 s/n. 1720007948

Reduces pain and thermal damage during laser treatments

Provides relief during tattoo removal, laser hair removal and more! 


For further information please contact our office at 905-660-1367 or via email at [email protected]

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