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Stock Clearance of a Machine Dealer AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany04sep10:00 am

Solar and Energy Storage Components AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany04sep10:00 am

Machines & Workshop Equipment (Metalworking) 06/09 AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany06sep10:00 am

Closure of a Hydraulic Cylinder Production AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany06sep10:00 am

Closure of a Tube Bending Specialist AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany06sep10:00 am

Closure of an External Warehouse AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany06sep2:00 pm

Machines and Accessories of an Automotive Supplier AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany07sep10:00 am

Wide Choice, Favourable Prices: Stock Clearance Metalworking AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany08sep9:00 am

Well-Maintained Joinery with very Well-Equipped Woodworking Machines AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany08sep10:00 am

Carpentry/ joinery machines; locksmith machines; transport and storage equipment etc. AuctionNetBid Industrie-Auktionen AGTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany12sep10:00 am

Fela AuctionThe Branford GroupTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany12sep11:00 am

Vehicles, operating and office equipment of a forwarding and logistics company AuctionNetBid Industrie-Auktionen AGTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany13sep10:00 am

Self-propelled work machine sewer cleaner, cars, special vehicles, workshop vehicles and other equipment from the authorities AuctionNetBid Industrie-Auktionen AGTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany19sep10:00 am

Renown European Based PCB Manufacturer Printed Circuit Board Equipment | AUCTION ON BRANFORD GROUP WEBSITE AuctionMaynard IndustriesTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany20sep10:00 am

Restructuring of a CNC Turning Shop AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany22sep10:10 pm

Premium Manufacturer of Toolholding & Gripping Technology AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany22sep11:10 pm

Sheet Metal Processing and Welding Technology AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany28sep12:25 pm

SMS Leveller and Sundwig Shear [Metalworking] AuctionHilco IndustrialTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany30sep10:00 am


Combined Heat Power Plant AuctionMaynard IndustriesTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany29jan7:00 pm