About IndustrialBid

About IndustrialBid

IndustrialBid is the official listing and bidding site for the Industrial Auctioneers Association (IAA)

At IndustrialBid we believe that the best way to service the industrial auction community is to make the life of a busy industrial buyer better, simpler, faster, to add more time in your day. We aim to do so by providing the highest quality industrial machinery and equipment all in one place, ready for you and your business at the touch of a search button.

Think of us as a Yellow Pages for all of the most esteemed industrial auctioneers and the Google for all of the best industrial machinery and equipment sold on the auction block.

We keep our brand along with the items we offer top tier by exclusively working with the best auctioneers in the industry; The Industrial Auctioneers Association. To become a member or learn more about the association, click here.

Our distinct mission and goal at Industrial Bid: we want you to find, bid on, buy, and receive the assets that you need to run your industrial business.

If you aren’t receiving this experience – email us, call us, chat with us – getting immediate access to the machinery and equipment you need to run your business is not only your top priority – it’s ours too.

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