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Stock Clearance of a Machine Dealer AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany04sep10:00 am

Interesting Metalworking Machines AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountrySwitzerland04sep2:00 pm

Machinery and accessories (a.o. Metalworking, Woodworking, Plastics Processing) - Benelux AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryBelgium05sep2:00 pm

Machines for Metal Processing AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryBelgium05sep2:00 pm

Surplex Metal and Woodworking Auction (Italy) AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryItaly05sep9:00 pm

ITP AERO UK – PHASE 1 SALE OF USED MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMME AuctionApex AuctionsTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryUnited Kingdom06sep9:00 am

Machines & Workshop Equipment (Metalworking) 06/09 AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany06sep10:00 am

Closure of a Tube Bending Specialist AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany06sep10:00 am

LARKIN IRON WORKS AuctionCincinnati Industrial AuctioneersTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryUnited States06sep11:00 am

Tow Truck Service & Repair Equipment AuctionAJ Willner AuctionsTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryUnited States07sep11:00 am

Wide Choice, Favourable Prices: Stock Clearance Metalworking AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany08sep9:00 am

VARIETY OF NEXTURN SWISS TYPE CNC LATHES AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE IN ITALY AuctionApex AuctionsTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryItaly12sep9:00 am

MAKE OFFER - SURPLUS ASSETS OF BAKER HUGHES - INTERNATIONAL MULTI-LOCATION AuctionApex AuctionsTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryItaly13sep9:00 pm

Surplus to the Continuing Operations of Gus Fabrication, Inc. AuctionPlant & MachineryTypeLive Webcast AuctionCountryUnited States21sep10:00 pm

Stock Clearance of a Mould Maker AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryCzech Republic22sep2:15 pm

Restructuring of a CNC Turning Shop AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany22sep10:10 pm

Premium Manufacturer of Toolholding & Gripping Technology AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany22sep11:10 pm

Sheet Metal Processing and Welding Technology AuctionSurplexTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany28sep12:25 pm

SMS Leveller and Sundwig Shear [Metalworking] AuctionHilco IndustrialTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryGermany30sep10:00 am


MAJOR STAMPING & FABRICATING MANUFACTURER AuctionAsset SalesTypeLive Webcast AuctionCountryUnited States03oct10:00 am

Vallourec Umbilicals | Phase 2 | Laser Welded Tube Production Equipment AuctionMaynard IndustriesTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryFrance04oct10:00 am

Private Treaty Sale of Assets From A Major Concrete Contractor AuctionAaron Industrial SolutionsTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryUnited States13oct10:00 am

HENDRICKS FABRICATION AuctionAsset SalesTypeLive Webcast AuctionCountryUnited States17oct10:00 am

High-Quality CNC Metalworking Machines AuctionHilco IndustrialTypeTimed Online AuctionCountrySwitzerland19oct10:00 am

S P MANUFACTURING AuctionAsset SalesTypeLive Webcast AuctionCountryUnited States19oct10:00 am

Gemcor GB6/G2000 All Electric CNC Fastening System AuctionPerfection industrialTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryIreland31oct11:00 am


FOR IMMEDIATE SALE - BCTMP Pulp Mill Equipment, British Columbia AuctionCapital RecoveryTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryColombia30nov10:00 am


Turnkey Opportunity - Available Now - “Mini Mill” “Just in Time” Steel Mill for the manufacture of steel billets, rebar, rounds, flats, squares, and angles. AuctionAaron Industrial SolutionsTypeTimed Online AuctionCountryMexico31dec8:00 pm